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What am I really spending per guest?

Posted by perfecttouch on January 19, 2013 at 12:50 AM

Yes, we know that you're hearing you need to set a budget.  We've told you that ourselves....

And you might be saying, "How can I possibly pick a budget when I have no idea what things cost?"

Valid point...and we understand.

Without the details of what venues and vendors may cost (thats another blog)....consider these 'per person' factors.

Each guest will most likely receive:

An Invitation (with postage) and perhaps a save the date card

A meal of some kind

A slice of cake

A place to sit (which means a table, with a centerpiece, linens and a chair) - you can then divide up those table costs by the number of seats, often ten or eight to a table, and allocate that amount to each person.

Something to drink (maybe an adult beverage as well)

Perhaps additionally a wedding program and a wedding favor. 

So, depending upon your choices and final selections, you will spend between $20 and $100 per person before you buy any clothing, hire any vendors, secure a venue, etc.  Its a fair estimate to say that most weddings will spend $50 per person. 

Use that as a baseline when calculating your budget.  Inviting 100 people?  Assume you need $5000 before adding on the other aspects you will need.

Choices can be made to move that $50 per head figure up or down, obviously.  However, by using that $50 per guest as a starting point, it allows you to make a better educated decisions about  your wedding budget.

What to expect to spend on other items is up next on the blog...stay tuned!

Are you ready to get specific information about YOUR wedding...give us a call!




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